6 helpful Cafe fit out inspiration

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6 helpful Cafe fit out inspiration

Inspiration #1

Our first inspiration comes from Town Tree restaurant and it is a visual delight. There is so much to love about this cafe design starting with the industrial design mixed with greenery. The piping for shelves and lighting is a good idea to incorporate for your cafe fit out. Then there’s the trendy menu board, which will be a great hit with younger customers. Something else that stands out is the glass cabinet, which is perfect for displaying pre-made cakes or savouries.

Inspiration #2


The second inspiration comes from a coffee shop that uses a monochrome colour palette which mixes textures sensationally. The concrete look walls and marble tiles paired with wooden floorboards is genius and reminiscent of a cafe in an Italian town. The sign and lighting really stand out in a good way and the use of mirrors to make the cafe appear larger is a fantastic illusion. If you plan a cafe out fit for a small space, this is something you should consider.

Inspiration #3


This third cafe design is simply awe inspiring. It makes strong use of joinery to create the unique arched ceiling and curved seating. There is a real understanding of lighting here with ingenious use of lamps to create a cosy atmosphere. The cafe fitters have successfully created a very inviting and comfortable nook that is ideal for customers who just want to have a coffee, whilst behind is table area seating for meals.

Inspiration #4


If you have been following my blog, you will know that one of the best ways to create an inviting environment is to make it look like home, and that’s just what this cafe has accomplished with its fit out. The comfortable homey environment creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for customers. The striking mural on the far wall offers a uniqueness that captures a younger audience. Actually, murals are becoming quite the thing so this is something you might want to consider as well.

Inspiration #5


This cafe fit out shows a genius use of space and if you don’t have a large space to get a cafe up and running, this will provide the inspiration you need. It is a 20 foot shipping container and presents the perfect example of how a fit out can create your business. The use of a light colour (a shade of white) provides the illusion of space, whilst the different textures and greenery give the cafe character and style.

Inspiration #6


The final inspiration for today comes from this themed cafe fit out where they have paired their fit out design with the cuisine they specialise in. I like how the walls are covered in newspaper clippings, which reinstates the theme at minimal expense. The quirky open sign and Asian decorations certainly add character to the cafe design.

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