5 ways to turn your store into a customer honeypot

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5 ways to turn your store into a customer honeypot

Sooner or later, as a retailer you will face the question of how to turn your store into a customer honeypot. At first, the main issue will be how to attract new customers, then how to keep them and ensure that they keep coming back.

For shop fitters in Brisbane, this is a valid concern. Brisbane is a commercial city with lots of stores and shopping options for customers.

If you have been concerned about attracting more customers to your store, then read on as I share practical tips to help you on that score.

Court the customers in your store

Using the word ‘court’ might sound a tad bit strange, but there often needs to be a bit of courting to form a long term relationship, which is what you want with your customers. So for those who do come into your shop, be nice and helpful. Don’t stampede them or appear over eager. Instead, engage with them, be polite and friendly. Make gentle suggestions and go the extra mile as you serve.

Put up a sign outside

Shop fitters in Brisbane are familiar with the power of a sign or a special offer, which is why your shop fitter will no doubt encourage you to utilise signage to your advantage. Stick it just outside your door so that passing customers can see it. You can also try a sale banner where a sandwich board isn’t feasible.

Boredom is a good thing

Really it is. Particularly if there’s bad weather outside. Social media is a good way to draw the attention of those who are bored and searching for something to do. This is a great opportunity to offer a rainy day sale or a snow day sale. This is not about making light of life-threatening situations (like a Tsunami). That will only backfire, so be sensitive.

Keep a tidy store

Nothing is more frustrating than stepping into a store and spending hours searching for an item through the clutter. If you have any amount of clutter in your store, you will likely lose customers and those who do come in are not likely to return. If you have a small store with limited space, it takes creativity and planning to make sure that your store is always tidy and uncluttered.

A lot of this will depend on the Brisbane shop fitter you choose. Make sure the display areas are not overcrowded, use specially lit shelves of spotlights to get more eyes on your displays and minimise clutter with cleverly installed displays.

Create a Pop-up Store

Pop-up stores are taking off all over the world and in turn, they are slowly putting a dent on older retail stores. The concept of the pop-up store is not new and is in fact, decades old. A pop-up store is basically finding an engaging and fun way to sell your wares outside the traditional store space. So you could set up your store in a yoga studio, a cafe or even in a larger shopping centre.

Be creative in your venue; choose a high traffic area but one where you do not have to pay a lot of money to use. Pop-up stores only have a short lease but since customers are continually searching for new experiences, it’s a great way to give your old customers something fun to look forward to – while of course, drawing in new customers too.

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